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At your clean home, we specialize in customized residential cleaning. Our free, no obligation in-home consultation ensures your complete satisfaction. Unlike other cleaning companies, your clean home understands that the reason we are in your home is because you need us, so therefore we aren't fussy about a little mess. If the house still is a little untidy when we arrive, that's ok! We try to eliminate the stress of "cleaning up for the cleaning lady." Now's that's flexibility!

Moving can be a very stressful time. At your clean home we try to alleviate the pressure of this transition by offering a move-in/move-out cleaning service. Your clean home will clean your existing home after you've left, and your new home before you arrive - we can even do it in the same day! No one likes to deal with somebody else's mess, so let us do it for you!

Who has time these days to do it all? Laundry is one of those necessary tasks that can be very time consuming. Your clean home realizes that a little help in this area may be useful, so we offer a laundry and ironing service. While we clean your home, we can wash, dry, fold and yes, even iron your clothes! For those who would prefer, we also offer a carry-out ironing service.

With our expertise and experience in commercial cleaning, you can be assured your business will look clean and professional every day. With flexible hours and consistent quality, we take pride in helping you put your best foot forward!

  • business offices
  • medical offices
  • faith establishments
  • daycare centres
  • galleries
  • etc

Can't find your socks? Is that room completely unusable? Important papers in disarray?

Your clean home can get things in order for you with our organizing service. From closets to basements to rooms, etc., we can help you get organized and stay that way! Time-tested, proven methods of straightening and organizing will help you and your family become more efficient and have the time to do more important things.

We do cool stuff like:

  • Move-in, Move out services
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Commercial cleaning

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